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The magazine Kosmos provides information about the Danish philosopher and mystic Martinus (1890-1981) and his world picture. The magazine analyses and discusses how a new humane world culture is gaining influence in people’s daily lives and in all areas of life including, for example, natural science, technology and economy as well as art, philosophy, religion and literature.

The magazine publishes articles that are written by Martinus or based on his lectures, and articles, podcasts and videos about spiritual science in general. The website guides the reader through a wide range of spiritually scientific subjects, such as science versus spiritual science, reincarnation, depression and vitality, the science of consciousness, health and joy in living, the crisis of marriage, the science of fate and the development of a new, humane world culture.

The name The Third Testament

At Easter 1921 Martinus experienced what might be called his cosmic initiation. He describes how a life-like Christ entered and became one with him. After this event he found that he had within himself directly an answer to any question, and thereby knowledge of his own and all beings’ (the universe’s) highest identity as the spirit and body of the Godhead. This continuous stream of knowledge is the source of the Third Testament.

1933 Martinus writes: “I have received the promised Counsellor: ‘the Holy Spirit’. It is ‘teaching’ me about all things and ‘reminding’ me of all things. And to every one of my readers this will be an indication that what I am saying is absolute truth …” Kosmos no.5/1933

1947 Martinus writes this in Livets Bog 5 section 1849: “Is this not the very demand that is now giving rise to spiritual science and that therefore has to become a third and final testament?”

1951-52 Martinus gives a lecture on 29 October 1951 with the title “Prophets and dogmas cannot save the world”. The lecture has the subtitles: Christ and the new science (spiritual science), “The Comforter, the Holy Spirit”. “The Third Testament”.

Speech in Martinus center - Klint/Denmark

1955 In a lecture Martinus describes the three epochs of Christianity and the testaments that belong to them: The world epoch of Christianity is made up of three main stages, of which the first constitutes The Old Testament and Judaism, and the second The New Testament and Christianity, which is where the material state should develop. The third stage is The Third Testament or spiritual science which will form the basis for the further development of human beings, and will guarantee that they will within this epoch become one with God” … “We can therefore see that the final stage in the Christian world epoch, the new world culture, was already built into the previous cultures.” … “Spiritual science is not spiritual science if it does not confirm all the points in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.” … “It is true Christianity, the true divine way of being, true love of one’s neighbour.” The lecture is reproduced as an article in Kosmos 11/1991 entitled “The world epoch of Christianity”.

1960 The writing of Livets Bog is completed on the 25th November.

1969 On the 13th May Martinus held a lecture in Jönköping with the title “The Third Testament”. Quotation: “it is the new science; it is what Christ had announced as the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. One can listen to the original Danish (…) lecture here.

1969 On the 2nd October Martinus held a lecture in the Martinus Institute with the same title “The Third Testament”. Lecture here. Excerpt: “… it is The Third Testament that is beginning now”… “The Third Testament is the continuation of Christ…” “…it will carry on Christ’s mission…”

1969 In his lecture “The poisons of the consciousness” given on the 30th June, Martinus says of his cause that “it won’t be long now before it really begins to grow rapidly.”

1971 Martinus was weak as the result of an illness and therefore gave a short talk instead of a lecture of usual length (it was to be called “50 years with cosmic consciousness”): “The continuation of Christ’s mission has now been completed.” In his talk Martinus refers to what Christ himself said about the continuation, and Martinus says that his work will not be widely known until after his departure. He stresses that the new Christ impulse will not lead to worship of any person, it will lead to analyses of the truth – cosmic analyses.

1971 In a lecture at the Engineering Association, Martinus confirms that “The Third Testament” constitutes the fulfilment of Christ’s prophecy, “it is this that is taking place here in Scandinavia. And it is “The Third Testament”. This is what Christ could not tell his disciples but, as he said, the truth, “the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”

1974 In a letter of thanks Martinus mentions “the explanation of the cosmic analyses of life or The Third Testament”.

1975 Martinus made public that the title “The Third Testament” covered all of his books. “The Third Testament” is all the books and all the analyses I have written, and all the guidance and aids that I have made. This is The Third Testament. Quoted from the speech of welcome at Klint in the summer of 1975. (Reproduced in Kosmos 7/2004)

1975 Quotation from a conversation with his friends on the 5th August: “But The Third Testament – there is nothing in the name that tells us what kind of a testament it is”… “It will be made completely clear that what I am in the process of doing is writing a continuation of The New Testament.”

1975 Quotation from a conversation with his friends on the 16th December: “The Bible has been brought to completion. The Holy Spirit as Christ announced.”


1978 Martinus presented the final covers for The Third Testament at a gathering at Inge Sørensen’s house the 13th of August.

On the cover one could see the title The Third Testament and the two large, very clear symbols “Light” and “Darkness”. Present were Tage Buch, Mischa Lim, Ray Hopkins, Martinus, Catherine Wooten, Sysse Buch and Inge Sørensen.

1978 Martinus asks Grethe Brinkhardt to gather all the books in The Third Testament together and show them to Jarl Borgen. Martinus asked specifically that Livets Bog, Logic, Funeral Rites, The Eternal Worldpicture I+II+III, and all the small books be shown as the future editions of his collected works.

1979 Martinus gave a lecture in which The Third Testament was mentioned many times, for example: “… what Livets Bog or The Third Testament is about is what has been called the second coming of Christ.” Martinus refers as always to Christ’s own words about this event (darkness, unrest and false prophets), stressing that it is not Christ as a person that will come again. The lecture is connected to the beginning of The Old Testament: the creation of the human being in the image of God. “If one is not almighty and all-loving one is not in the image of God.” Love opens the way for cosmic consciousness and for the consequent melting together with the other Christ beings. This is the highest yoga. This is the reason why Jesus could say “All power is given unto me”.

1979 On Martinus’ 89th birthday, in a lecture given to 500 people in the Hotel Sheraton, Martinus once again refers to Christ’s words about a counselor that is to come. “That time has now come and I now have the authority to say that “The Third Testament” is “the Counselor, the Holy Spirit”. This lecture has now been published under the title “The second coming of Christ – the coming of the Counselor” in Kosmos 8/1994. The lecture can be heard in its entirety (in danish) here.

In the above lecture Martinus also says that “there are a great many Christian people who are hidden. We do not call them Christian…” And quoted from the lecture “The religious principle”: “It will be through Christianity that the whole world will be redeemed and blessed.”

1980 1,200 people attended Martinus’ 90th birthday and for that reason it had to be held in Falconer Centre, where on the 9th August Martinus held his last lecture and again made his decision public: “I have received the impulse that my work should be called The Third Testament”… “Old Christianity is not so naive or so stupid”…”The second coming of Christ is a new world epoch that Christ initiated 2,000 years ago when he preached on Earth”… “Christ’s task was to be God’s model for the human being in his image. There had to be a model in order for human beings to see how they should be”… “We will evolve to become like Christ”… “For this reason Christianity is a great mystery to human beings, but now the mystery has been solved in The Third Testament, where one can read and study it”… “What I am speaking about is what the Counselor, the Holy Spirit is speaking about”… “In a short while human beings will have access to it when Livets Bog will be published for the first time by a public publishing house under the title The Third Testament.” The lecture has been published under the title of “The Christ Principle” and can be heard in its entirety (in danish) here.
Curiously enough Martinus sat that day in the exact place where his collected works were shown at an exhibition at the end of January 2003. Stand 111 was arranged as a cooperation between people from Denmark and Sweden whose aim it is to provide information.

1980 The final agreement finally falls into place with Borgens the publishers regarding the publication of Livets Bog under the title The Third Testament. (November/December)

1981 Martinus’ departure on the 12th March signaled the start of the publicizing of his entire work under its correct name. The period of camouflage, characterized by the name “Martinus cosmology” is over.

1981 In November Martinus’ collected works begin to come out by Borgens Publishers under the title The Third Testament with the two symbols “Light” and “Darkness” on the cover.

Martinus Spiritual Science in 5 min by Ole Therkelsen

The Danish Intuitive Martinus (1890-1981) is the creator of “Martinus Spiritual Science”, “Martinus Cosmology”, “The Third Testament”. In 5 min. Ole Therkelsen answers the question: What is Martinus Spiritual Science. The 28th of November 2013, Esbjerg, Denmark. Her you can get the answer in a few lines: MARTINUS SPIRITUAL SCIENCE NATURAL SCIENCE has shown that changes in physical matter are bound by law. The Danish author Martinus (1890-1981) shows that there are also laws for thinking. Knowledge of these mental laws of nature will make it possible for people to gain command of their mentality and gradually create a global kingdom of love on Earth. MARTINUS (1890–1981) Martinus, born in Jutland, Denmark, had a very minimal education and spent most of his early working life as a dairyman. In 1921 he experienced a spontaneous transformation of consciousness which enabled him to analyse life and describe its spiritual laws and eternal principles. Martinus writes in the preface to “Livets Bog”: “I had become my own source of light. The cosmic baptism of fire through which I had passed – the closer analysis of which I cannot specify here – had thus left the fact that entirely new sensory abilities had been released in me, abilities that enabled me – not in glimpses – but on the contrary in a permanent state of awake day-consciousness – to apprehend all the main spiritual forces, invisible causes, eternal world laws, basic energies and basic principles behind the physical world. The mystery of existence was therefore no longer a mystery to me. I had become conscious in the life of the whole universe, and had been initiated into ‘the divine principle of creation'”. In addition to his writings, which provide a scientific basis for loving all living beings, his many symbolic drawings with explanatory texts help the reader to acquire an over-view of the cosmic structure of life. Martinus died in Copenhagen in 1981. MARTINUS CENTRE The Martinus Centre is a school for the study of Martinus Cosmology. Established in 1934, it is situated on the north coast of the island of Zealand (Sjælland), 60 miles north west of Copenhagen. Courses are available in English. MARTINUS INSTITUTE In 1932 an administrative centre, now known as the Martinus Institute, was established in order to ensure the availability of Martinus’ literature in the original Danish and in other languages. It is non-profit making and responsible for the school at the Martinus Centre, Klint, Denmark. Martinus Cosmology is not the basis for any kind of sect or association. “THE THIRD TESTAMENT” Martinus entitled his collected works “The Third Testament”. It comprises his main work, “Livets Bog (The Book of Life)” in 7 volumes, “The Eternal World Picture”, “Logic” and about 30 shorter works together with numerous articles published in the magazine, KOSMOS. BOOKS AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS BY MARTINUS AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH Livets Bog (The Book of Life), Vol.1 The Eternal World Picture, Vol.1 Logic Easter Marriage and Universal Love Meditation The Fate of Mankind The Ideal Food The Mystery of Prayer The Road of Life The Road to Initiation Martinus Cosmology – An Introduction KOSMOS (a bi-monthly magazine) Published by: The Martinus Institute, Mariendalsvej 94–96, DK–2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark Tel: +45 38 34 62 80


Episode 27: Reincarnation in a Nutshell

Is there any truth in the one-life theory? Or is reincarnation more plausible? And, if so, how does it work? Can consciousness exist when the physical body is clinically dead? How can we explain so-called near-death experiences? And what about people who claim to remember previous lives? In this podcast Mary McGovern interviews author Else Byskov about her claim that death is an illusion and that consciousness cannot be extinguished. They look at the evidence for reincarnation and phenomena such as child prodigies and extraordinary talents. Else Byskov hopes that insight into the evidence for reincarnation will help remove any fear of death we may have and convince us of our immortality. For further reading see the free online version of Martinus’s book “The Principle of Reincarnation”:….. Else Byskov has written and published seven books in English about Martinus Cosmology, including Reincarnation in a Nutshell (with Maria McMahon), Death is an Illusion and The Art of Attraction. Some of her books are also available in Danish, German and Spanish. See her website: