What is “the holy spirit”?

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“What then does mankind demand or need now? Is it a new prophet, a new messiah, a new world redeemer?

No, not in the sense that these words have been used in the past. Everyone who stands up today and says that he is a new Christ or a new messiah belongs without exception to the category that Jesus regarded as the false prophets that would come. What a new world needs is not more religious dogmas. The greatest truths in the form of dogmas have been preached for thousands of years, consequently anyone who comes who is only able to give people these same dogmas would be a mere plagiarist of the real messiah or Christ. And if he then also demands that one should believe blindly in him and follow him, his identity as a false Christ would be quite apparent to anyone who really has high-intellectual insight into the highest phenomena of life. He would then not be the fulfilment of the promise that Christ prophesied would come. For Christ did not prophesy a new leader or spiritual dictator, but a highintellectual analysis of life’s greatest problems or the solution to the mystery of life itself in such a way that every human being becomes its own Christ. Such an analysis is nothing other than the “holy spirit”.”

Quoted from “Spiritual science” – English Kosmos No. 2 – 2000.

Life’s own glorious justification of the darkness in the world

The cosmic symbols form an essential part of The Third Testament. In the introduction to the symbol books, entitled “The Eternal World Picture”, Martinus presents the purpose of his work in the following way:

1. The world’s greatest religious commandment
Why should one study the cosmic analyses of the universe, which for some beings may be difficult to understand? Human beings have through their religions and world redeemers been shown the way to God! Is there really anyone who can see a better and more perfect way to God or the creation of a true culture than what has already been given, for example in Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” and the other holy commandments given by Christ? Can one receive better instruction on the way to the light than this: “Love your God above all things and your neighbour as yourself”? The answer must be that it would be quite impossible to point to any way towards God, the light, or an absolutely perfect culture that does not first and foremost have precisely this unshakeable divine commandment as a guide and as the true foundation of life. The cosmic analyses and the symbols of the structure of life have definitely not been manifested in order to lead human beings away from the holy commands of Christ, or away from any of the other great world religions and their more or less holy commands or guidelines for morality and ways of living. Quite the opposite, they have been manifested precisely in order to show that the core within the greatest cosmic conclusions or dogmas revealed by these beings is the absolute truth.

2. The world situation or the forthcoming “Doomsday”
The fact that it is necessary to point this out is made clear by the world situation today. It is such that one is forced to express it as the condition of Armageddon, which, according to Christ, would befall human beings in the “last days”. Furthermore, is it not said in the biblical account of the future that “the devil shall rage in all his power”? What have we seen in the form of the two World Wars, which have raged among terrestrial mankind this century? Have we not seen attempts to wipe out great cities with their inhabitants and cultural values? Have not people even tried to annihilate an entire human race? Have we not seen millions of human beings murdered – not only on the battlefields while defending their country or attacking other peoples’ living space, but also in civilian life by being sent to gas chambers where they were murdered outright without any judicial or lawful basis, and naturally without any regard whatsoever for the vitally important commandments, “Thou shalt not kill”, “Thou shalt forgive thy neighbour”, “Put up again thy sword into his place; for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword”? Is not the fulfilment of all the law precisely the great commandment, “Thou shalt love thy God above all things and thy neighbour as thyself”? Where is the belief in a loving God and a practical Christian culture in this Doomsday existence, where crowds of human beings, children and adults, old and young, have languished unto death in the terrible concentration or death camps, which have thrown shadows of devil consciousness over the whole Earth?

3. Human beings are growing away from religious

Why have the religious ideals, which have been proclaimed to human beings for thousands of years been unable to prevent these demonic manifestations and the consequent deaths, disability, illness, distress and lack of morality? Is it not apparent that the traditional religious ideals or dogmas, however divine they have been, have not been able to free humanity from this Doomsday epoch of terror? Do we not see that human beings are actually growing out of these ideals, almost like children growing out of clothes and shoes? That they therefore lose the ability to believe in them is perfectly natural. Have not millions of human beings become materialists and atheists? Is it not an equally incontrovertible fact that their numbers are still growing and that there are more and more empty seats in the churches or places of worship during the services? Does this not reveal it to be a fact that the very highest cosmic truths upon which life depends and the religious commandments or dogmas have become a mystery, have become something that one even thinks intelligent human beings cannot lower themselves to be involved with or believe in? Is it the human beings that there is something the matter with, or is it the religious ideals that are wrong?

4. Human beings who do not require logical justification

for accepting the traditional religious ideals or dogmas In the absolute sense, it is neither the human beings nor the religious ideals that are wrong. The religious ideals are perfectly adapted to the evolutionary step of the human beings to whom they have been given. And to these beings they form the central foundation of their lives. But a large part of mankind has outgrown these evolutionary steps and to a greater or lesser extent has grown onto higher steps in evolution. They inhabit quite a different mental sphere to the one that the traditional religious conclusions or dogmas were adapted to, and which the beings concerned could one hundred percent surrender themselves to by virtue of their instinct, which was still to some extent flourishing. They were not yet so evolved as regards their intelligence that they required intellectual confirmation of or justification for these religious ideals or dogmas. To them it was enough that they were given by authorities.

5. Those human beings for whom the symbols and the main work, to which they are a supplement, are manifested

But today things are different. In these times great masses of human beings have lost their ability to believe, because their instinct has more or less degenerated on account of the development of their intelligence. They have thereby gained the ability to analyse, carry out research and observe. As this development increases, it causes them to require, to a corresponding degree, logical justification or scientific substantiation for every thought construction or idea that they are to accept as truth. It would be quite unreasonable to blame these beings for their condition, as to them it is impossible to believe in the dogmas of the religious ideals, precisely because they are manifested as mere conclusions or postulates without the logical or scientific support of which they constitute the conclusions. It is for this reason that the present symbol book* and the main work, to which the symbols are a supplement, has been produced. This book* is therefore created in order to help those human beings who cannot possibly believe in bare assertions or postulates without any intellectual or logical substantiation, but who are, nevertheless, seeking, with heart and mind, the justification for the state of Doomsday, which they are beginning to sense must exist behind the primitiveness and folly of daily life. To these human beings’ cosmic studies there is here opened a road towards life’s own all-encompassing justification of the darkness in the world enabling it to be seen as a link in the creating of the eternal maintenance of the key-note of the universe: Love.

* ”The eternal World Picture”

Quoted from Martinus’ introduction to “The Eternal World Picture, Vol 1”.

The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories

15-Part Lecture series by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

The Bible is a series of books written, edited and assembled over thousands of years. It contains the most influential stories of mankind. Knowledge of those stories is essential to a deep understanding of Western culture, which is in turn vital to proper psychological health (as human beings are cultural animals) and societal stability. These stories are neither history, as we commonly conceive it, nor empirical science. Instead, they are investigations into the structure of Being itself and calls to action within that Being. They have deep psychological significance. This lecture series, starting with the very first book, will constitute an analysis of that significance.

Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything – The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET

A completely New Understanding of Reality! Presenting FET, a new model that meets physicists’ criteria for what they term ‘The Theory of Everything’ and provides answers to many unsolved mysteries of physics. FET describes the qualitative vacuum energies, the ‘Fundamental Energies’ in the zero-point filed underlying and constituting the entire physical world, explaining dark matter, dark energy, particles, mass, Higgs field, gravity, space-time and much more.

Leif Pettersson has succeeded in presenting this complex, astounding material in a clear-cut, rational and comprehensive way. The subject is highly topical and of great public interest – it connects to the research at CERN and it also matches the presentation of science and popular science in today’s media. The Fundamental Energy Theory confronts us with a whole new perception of reality. The book is richly illustrated in color.


140 pages, The book has many illustrations in color, to buy the Book: Balboa Press

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Physicists have worked intensively for a long time to understand our physical world. They have also been struggling to unify the four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces into a ‘Theory of Everything’, but so far without success. In this book Leif Pettersson presents a groundbreaking and very exciting material with theories based on the intuitive knowledge contained in Martinus Cosmology. These theories demonstrate a new model, ‘The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET’, that without any contradiction unifies the four fundamental forces of nature, and in fact gives us ‘The Theory of Everything’! Hypotheses are presented that may explain the mechanisms behind Einstein’s General and Special Theories of Relativity, quantum physics with its hypothetical gravitons, Higgs particles etc. and the enigmatic dark matter, dark energy and a lot more. The Fundamental Energy Theory offers a logical, coherent key to many of the unsolved mysteries of physics, e.g. those being currently studied in the world’s biggest research project so far, the particle accelerator in CERN.

The book is made available by New Cosmic Paradigm (NCP), an independent organization representing and working with the branch of the intuitive knowledge contained in Martinus Cosmology that is building bridges to Science, focusing on the great issues about Life, Consciousness and Reality posed by humanity and science. This branch is especially represented by the work and literature of Per Bruus-Jensen, former trainee and collaborator with Martinus.


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— PRESS RELEASE June 10, 2012 USA —

New Book Explores Fundamental Concepts in Physics
Leif Pettersson theorizes in “Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything”

Skoevde, Sweden (PRWEB) June 10, 2012
Conventional wisdom in physics constantly evolves with advancements, particularly with the discoveries about particles and atoms coming from the research done at the CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research – particle accelerator. Offering his own contributions to advance thinking in physics, Leif Pettersson delivers his new book “Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything: The Fundamental Energy Theory (FET)” (published by NCP and Balboa Press).
With this new study, Pettersson explores what he sees as the unsolved mysteries of physics, offering his ideas on qualitative vacuum energies – what he describes as “the fundamental energies in the zero-point field underlying and constituting the entire physical world” – as well as the concepts of dark matter, dark energy, particles, mass, Higgs field, gravity and space-time among others.
“Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything” is the product of Pettersson’s driven and determined curiosity, a trait he feels he has in common with thinkers throughout history. “Mankind has always been searching for new knowledge to understand reality,” he says. “The world’s biggest research project so far, the particle accelerator in CERN, is a very illustrative expression for this.”
Ultimately, Pettersson believes his book contributes revolutionary ideas and contributions to science and history. “The Fundamental Energy Theory in fact, meets all the criteria for what physicists term ‘the theory of everything,'” he says. “It also explains gravity, mass, dark matter, dark energy and a lot more… there are no other theories that can explain all this. FET presents a completely novel concept. It is a paradigm shift.”
About the Author:
Leif Pettersson, engineer in biochemistry, has profound interests in science – especially physics – and philosophy, focusing on the big questions of life, such as humanity’s origins, its purpose and its future. Pettersson is particularly intrigued by the possible revelations hidden in the connections between modern physics and certain branches of philosophy, an intellectual pursuit that he explores in his writing.

Martinus’ Golden Baptism of Fire

Author: Martinus

When Martinus was thirty years old he borrowed a spiritual book from a man, and he writes in his book “The Road to Initiation” what happened in March, 1921: 

Martinus after his golden baptism of fire 1921

“ I did not get through the book in question and little it was that I remember from its contents; but it had the effect of making me meditate on God. And one evening, when I tried to do so, I had the following experience, after which, for psychical reasons, it was quite impossible for me to go on reading, for from that moment my own consciousness had become an inexhaustible spiritual fountain, rendering absolutely superfluous all study of literature.


Following the direction given in the borrowed book I, one evening tried to meditate on the concept “God”. And suddenly, without knowing exactly how, I found myself in a condition that made me feel in the presence of something immensely sublime. Quite a small luminous point appeared in the distance. For a moment it disappeared, but shortly after became visible again, this time much nearer. I could now see that the light emanated from a Christ-like being, presenting itself in a dazzling white light, spangled with shades of blue. The light was so intense and vivid that it reminded me of those sparklers we used to put on Christmastrees. The sparks in my revelation, however, were diminutive in comparison, but in return much more numerous.

There was once more a pause, during which I found myself in complete darkness. But then the figure a new illuminated the plateau. I looked directly into a fiery figure. A Christ-like being of dazzling brightness now moved straight towards me, raising its arms as if about to embrace me. I was entirely paralyzed. Unable to make the slightest move, I gazed straight into the radiant being’s diaphragm, now just outside of me and on a level with my eyes. But the figure kept closing in, and presently it entered my own flesh and blood. A sublime feeling thrilled me. The paralysis left me. The divine light, which had thus taken possession of me, enabled me to take a sweeping look throughout the world.

And lo! continents and oceans, cities and countries, mountains and valleys – all steeped in the light now emanating from my own mind. In this, white light the earth was transfigured into “the Kingdom of God”.

The divine experience was over. I had once more before me my physical reality, the details of my room, the modesty of my position. But “the Kingdom of God” kept illuminating my brain and my nerves.

The golden baptism of fire.

When on the morning of the following day I seated myself in my meditation-chair, I was again at once enveloped in the divine light. I looked into a bright, blue heaven, which seemed to be drawn aside, by which a still brighter heaven appeared. And thus it kept on, until a heaven came out so exuberantly dazzling in its golden flare and vibrating at such a velocity that I felt myself at the summit of what my organism and my mind could endure. A single step, a single fraction of a second more, and the celestial oscillation would, with the immense power of lightning, in the twinkling of an eye have put an end to my earthly existence. But during the fractions of a second that the revelation lasted I experienced a world of holiness, purity, harmony, and perfection. I found myself in a sea of light. This was not, as in my first revelation, white as snow, but was rather of a golden tinge. Everything was fire of a golden lustre. Throughout were vibrating thin, golden filaments, glittering here and there, within and without. I felt that this was the very consciousness of God, his own sphere of thought. It was the substance, the omnipotence, the supreme power, through which the divine ego ruled and directed oceans of worlds, galaxies, and nebulae, in microcosmos as well as in macrocosmos. I was spell-bound. The divine fire vibrated within me and without, above and below. “The Spirit of God”. which according to the Bible “moved upon the face of the waters”, the “fire” that Moses saw burning in the thorn-bush, the “fire” that took Elijah into Heaven, the “fire” through which Jesus was transfigured on the mountain, the “fire” that appeared above the heads of the apostles, and subsequently changed Saulus into Paulus on his way to Damascus, the “fire” that throughout all times has been the “alpha” and “omega” in every form of sublime creation, manifestation, or revelation. It was this very fire blazing in front of my own eyes, vibrating in my own breast, in my own heart, enveloping my whole being. I felt as if bathing in an element of love. I was at the origin, the very source of everything warm in a father’s and mother’s sympathy for their offspring, of mutual devotion in the amours of a young couple. I saw the power that made the hand sign the letter of pardon, abolish slavery, protect life’s petty ones, whether it be a little animal or a frail human being. I saw the sunshine that can melt the ice and remove the cold from every mind, transform the barren deserts of hopelessness and pessimism into fertile and sunny regions of consciousness, warm the heart, inspire the brain, thus making the individual forgive injustice, love his enemy, and understand the criminal. It was as if I was resting at the bosom of the Almighty Deity. I was dwelling at the fountain head of love supreme, perceived divine perfection, experienced being one with the Way, the Truth, and the Life, was one with the Father of all.”

From the book:”The Road to Initiation -On the Birth of My Mission”