Martinus Memoirs

Foreword (by the publisher)

When Martinus left this world on 8th March 1981 he was 90 years and 7 months old.

When he was about seventy he felt that he ought to write his memoirs. He gradually realised, however, that it would be difficult to find time to do so. He was at that time engaged in writing “The Eternal World Picture” – a work in four volumes known as the “symbol books”. He expected to take a couple of years to write each volume.

He realised therefore that if his memoirs were to be written he would have to record them on tape. The tapes could later be edited by others to form a usable manuscript. Martinus approached me and asked if I would help him with this task. 1 was his neighbour and had known him for twenty-five years.

In the spring of 1963 we agreed that the matter should be tackled in the following way: Martinus was to present himself at my home on three evenings with weekly intervals. He wanted some of his old friends to be present. We invited therefore a married couple, Oluf and Kathe Palm, who had known Martinus for almost forty years, and Per Bruus-Jensen. Together we should form a “questioning team” that should “pump” Martinus for his memories.

The three evenings were informal. Evening tea was served and after a short chat Martinus declared himself ready to tell us all about his life. A microphone was placed on the table in front of him and the tape-recorder was started.

He then began to tell us about his mother, his birth, his childhood, his days as a schoolboy, as a herd-boy, as a candidate for confirmation, as an apprentice and as a dairyman. That was as far as we got on the first evening. We continued, however, on two more evenings.

The memoirs came to last almost five hours in all.

Martinus did not want his memoirs to be published during his lifetime; I therefore stored the tapes carefully and a couple of years after his death I had them transcribed. In the process of producing the manuscript I have tried to relate all Martinus’ memories in the correct chronological order. I have also added some things that he remembered later.

October 1986, Frederiksberg

Sam Zinglersen (publisher)

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