Livets Bog, volume 5 (The Third Testament), now available as ebook

An essential text for all interested in sex and spirituality, The Third Testament – Livets Bog (The Book of Life), vol. 5 explores the ongoing evolution of human sexuality and its connection to spiritual development. Martinus presents an analysis of marriage and relationships, sexual orientation and many more topics.

Martinus describes how sexual evolution is driven by two poles in our consciousness: the “masculine pole” and the “feminine pole”, the relative size of which determines our sexual nature. Human sexuality evolves continuously through reincarnation and the changing constellation of these poles. A completely one-poled state results in a primitive moral standard. A completely “two-poled state”, in which the male and female poles are equal and balanced in our consciousness, results in the very highest moral standard and is the organic structure for neighbourly love.

According to Martinus’s analyses, today’s humanity will evolve into a third and truly human sex that is neither male nor female but a harmonious union of the two principles within the one being, a being that will experience a sense of oneness with all life.

Martinus presents a framework for understanding sexual evolution that can give us a better insight into our own identity and help us navigate through the changing sexual landscape.


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