What is “the holy spirit”?

Bildresultat för HOLY SPIRIT

“What then does mankind demand or need now? Is it a new prophet, a new messiah, a new world redeemer?

No, not in the sense that these words have been used in the past. Everyone who stands up today and says that he is a new Christ or a new messiah belongs without exception to the category that Jesus regarded as the false prophets that would come. What a new world needs is not more religious dogmas. The greatest truths in the form of dogmas have been preached for thousands of years, consequently anyone who comes who is only able to give people these same dogmas would be a mere plagiarist of the real messiah or Christ. And if he then also demands that one should believe blindly in him and follow him, his identity as a false Christ would be quite apparent to anyone who really has high-intellectual insight into the highest phenomena of life. He would then not be the fulfilment of the promise that Christ prophesied would come. For Christ did not prophesy a new leader or spiritual dictator, but a highintellectual analysis of life’s greatest problems or the solution to the mystery of life itself in such a way that every human being becomes its own Christ. Such an analysis is nothing other than the “holy spirit”.”

Quoted from “Spiritual science” – English Kosmos No. 2 – 2000.