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Martinus 1950

Martinus was a Danish philosopher (1890-1981) who described his works through a comprehensive world picture containing a logically explanation of eternal existences of life. His background for this was a highly developed intuition that enabled him to understand and analyze the spiritual world behind the physical world. The task of his work was to create a spiritual science that can provide the modern person with a logically truth and a more profound insight of life and the world evolution. In his analyses Martinus presents a far more optimistic and extensive views of life, then what have previews been presented in this world.


The work of Martinus is openly available to those who are interested and there is no membership associated with his work. Anyone who is interested can freely study his work with no strings attached and enjoy any inspiration they may find. Martinus often said “take what you can use and leave the rest”. Martinus spiritual cosmology is not a religion, but it provides a logically understanding of life and its religious dimension. Read More

Martinus’ Symbols

The Eternal Body – Symbol 13

Martinus has created 77 symbols where 44 of them were released with detailed explanations. The symbols are important elements in his overall description of the eternal world picture. He wanted these symbols to provide an accessible overview of the principles and laws that characterize life and the universe as a whole. The symbols are made up of figures, colors and lines where each part illustrates specific areas of the cosmic analyses. Martinus has created a physical illustration of spiritual realities that are otherwise inaccessible to our physical sensory perception. This physical visibility makes it easier for us to focus our thoughts on spiritual phenomena and to study them in a systematic and purposeful way, as we are accustomed to doing with physical objects and phenomena.

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“Through the technique of the symbol, the details of the spiritual or cosmic world are thus made physically accessible. They are rendered physically visible in an artificial way.”
 – Martinus
(The Eternal World Picture, vol. 1, sect. B3)


Martinus’ Literature

Martinus was a very active writer during his time and accomplished to write 9,000 pages illustrated through articles, small books and his main work, “Livets Bog” (The Book of Life), are a series of seven books. For more information of Martinus’ publication,

click here.


You can also visit the bookstore on Martinus’ original website The Martinus Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark, click here.

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The is not the official Martinus website but are operating under the Martinus guidelines and collaboration of the official institute “The Martinus Institute” Copenhagen, Denmark. To review the full Terms and Conditions click here or for any additional questions visit


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