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“A Concise Synopsis of some Fundamentals in

An altogether Novel Concept of Reality cannot be summarized in a few brief sentences. It is emphasized that the paragraphs below must be viewed as a very short summary describing extremely brief just a few of the Cosmic Worldview´s leading, load-bearing themes and fundamentals.

1. Our Eternal Constitution and How we Survive ‘Death’. Very briefly, this is made possible by our paraphysical organism /body. According to The Cosmic Worldview all living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal paraphysical body/structure, which the physical body is completely dependent on. We are given an account of how this paraphysical body is constructed and how it operates, e.g., how the so-called ‘ability-nucs’/talent cores, among other things, make it possible for us to take qualities, abilities and skills (which are a prerequisite for our development) with us from life to life. It should be pointed out that the ability-nucs are highly relevant in the field of epigenetics as they directly exert an influence on the genes of the DNA-spiral. Also explained is how life continues in a paraphysical sphere of existence after physical death and the course of events which leads to a new incarnation. ‘Death is Life´s greatest surprise’ Martinus

2. What Consciousness de facto is and How all Experience of life takes place. The paraphysical structures and their processes are highlighted which, side by side with the activities of the physical brain, constitute the foundation of our ability to experience, to remember, think, feel, etc. – in fact, of all activity in our consciousness. Viewed as organic factors, these paraphysical structures precede the physical body and can accordingly operate independently of it. As such, they contribute to ensuring the process of reincarnation or body-replacement, and thereby the individual’s ongoing course of personal evolution.

3. What our ‘I’ and our Soul de facto are, as well as how the central ‘power generator’, with its output of life force, is constituted and functions, and how it is the driver responsible for all of the human being’s mental activity; as such, it also presents a basic explanatory model for the human psychology in its entirety.

4. How we can Influence our Future and our Fate, by highlighting the interaction of so-called free will with the natural laws and regularity prevailing in existence. Intrinsic insight is provided concerning the link between cause and effect, between initiatives and consequences.

5. How we Develop through a Spirally-formed Evolution. It is demonstrated that life is eternal and takes the shape of a rhythmic evolution of both body and mind towards ever-loftier expressions of life for absolutely all living beings. It describes the six existential planes/dimensions which make up every round of the expanding Cosmic Spiral, through which all living beings transit in ever novel ways en route in their perpetual Odyssey of personal evolution. It is all about an eternal evolution of consciousness.

6. All Living Beings are Immortal Life-Units in an All-Embracing Life-Unity; an infinite Multiverse beyond time and space, a living, conscious Cosmos. ‘Nonduality’, we are ‘all one’, (many people of today have so-called ‘spontaneous cosmic glimpses’ including experiences of oneness), the complementarity of wholeness/oneness and duality/separation, and also ‘the Structure of Entanglement‘ are described …

7. The X-Structure; the Basic Nature of Life and Reality. Reality fundamentally – both objective and subjective – is immaterial emptiness and stillness. The X-structure constitutes the very basic nature of Life and Reality. This fundamental X-structure is in principle the same for everything including the infinite Cosmos – activating and transforming the emptiness and stillness into energy, force, movement, matter and life-experience/consciousness. The primordial domain of existence ‘X0‘ is an all-embracing unmanifested, virtual world of emptiness and stillness, containing infinite potential of creative possibilities and continuously activating an indivisible, integrated, Triune Operating Principle ‘X’ with three functional aspects:
X1 – the creating and experiencing Something (the Subject/the I) – emptiness, stillness.
X2 – this Something’s creative and experiential ability – energy (qualitative cosmic basic energies).
X3 – the created and experienced, i.e. X3 = the result of the interaction between the subject (X1) and its creative/experiential ability (X2) represented by movement, the material illusion as objective reality (X3 obj.) on one side, and the experience of it as subjective reality/consciousness (X3 subj.) on the other.

(X3 obj.: energy conversion, movement -and- X3 subj.: qualia)

The X-Structure also demonstrates the seven extremely subtle qualitative ‘Fundamental/Basic Energies’ with specific characteristics. These basic energies build up everything in life and existence – from the most subtle, e.g. our own consciousness, thoughts, feelings, memories etc. to the very densest e.g. physical matter, black holes etc. One of the basic energies, the primary fundamental energy, operates via a number of so-called Cosmic Creative PrinciplesMorphogenetic Effect Constants; formative principles and form-creating forces that sustain and organize life and reality. We can empirically observe the effects of these morphogenetic effect constants in the laws of nature with their extremely delicate precision etc. Creation (X3) involves conversion of energy and manifests itself as movement – the five universal classes of motion:1. The Primordial motion (implies a positional motion “from A to B”) and the four so-called “derived motions” that we as humans know as: 2. Space, 3. Time, 4. Transformation/change, 5. Matter. Motion is the most distinctive feature of life – movement is life in demonstration. Note that all motions of the Multiverse neutralize each other, confirming the all-embracing X0-nature of emptiness and stillness.

For more information about The X-Structure:

The X-Structure – Abstract (very brief)
Ontology – The X-Structure; the Basic Nature of Life and Reality

8. The nature of Energy and Matter. From physics we know that subatomic particles constitute the tiniest part of matter, and that an apparently omnipresent void (99,999…9%) is dominant throughout, i.e. almost 100% is just emptiness. Physicists speak of it as the vacuum/zero-point field and they have realized that it is actually not empty, but holds unbelievable concentrations of very subtle energy – the so-called vacuum or zero-point energy – without knowing what it is. The Cosmic Worldview describes the mentioned energies as the seven Fundamental Energies (see paragraph 7 above), each holding a specific quality – which is an original and novel concept. These qualitative energies also have different impacts and strengths and they build up Everything in Life and Existence from the very densest physical matter, to the most subtle that exists including our own consciousness and mental life comprising thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. (In the Cosmic Worldview the Fundamental energies are described in detail in the topic termed ‘Cosmic Chemistry’).
It also describes how the fundamental energies in the zero-point/vacuum field constitute particles and matter, how particles actually are identical to these energies, although in a condensed form. In other words particles are just densified energy. Einstein’s famous formula, E = mc² is expanded to X2 = mc², followed by a clarification of the energy concept which is shown to be immaterial at its roots.

9. The Theory of Everything and The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET. Physicists have worked intensively for a long time to understand our physical world. They have also been struggling to unify the four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces into what they term ‘The Theory of Everything’, but so far without success. NCP presents (2012) Leif Pettersson´s groundbreaking and very exciting material demonstrating a new model, ‘The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET’, that without any contradiction unifies the four fundamental forces of nature, and in fact gives us ‘The Theory of Everything’. Hypotheses are presented that may explain the mechanisms behind Einstein’s General and Special Theories of Relativity, quantum physics with its hypothetical gravitons, Higgs particles etc. and the enigmatic dark matter, dark energy and a lot more. The Fundamental Energy Theory offers a logical, coherent key to many of the unsolved mysteries of physics, e.g. those being currently studied in the world’s biggest research project so far, the particle accelerator in CERN.

Click here for more information about the book Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of EverythingThe Fundamental Energy Theory – FET (Eng, Sv) 2012.

Click here for a brief supplement to 8-9

For further information reference is made to the pages: A New Understandning of Reality, Presentation of New Cosmic Paradigm, The Cosmic Worldview – Introduction and Theory, Outlook on: Consciousness, Physics, Science … and to this website’s additional pages, including the books listed in its “Bibliography” at the end of the page Presentation of New Cosmic Paradigm where many of the main points of The Cosmic Worldview are accounted for and illustrated.”


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