Documentary film: Martinus – The Man and his Cosmology

“Documentary: This film makes a biographical portrait of the writer Martinus and gives a presentation of his life’s work. This film was made in connection with 100-year anniversary for Martinus’s birth in 1990. It has been broadcast on Danish TV2 on 23 May 1991, and on Swedish TV1, 23 November 1994. The documentary has since been versioned further and is now available in the following 9 languages​​: English, Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch, Esperanto, Russian, Japanese and Norwegian. – These language versions are soon coming on Youtube! It is my wish that this film is available to as many people as possible – now and in future. Producer: Jørgen Leon Knudsen Info:… What is Martinus Cosmology? Martinus Cosmology presents something as unusual as a logical substantiated description of life, based on a total cosmic worldview. Creator of this cosmology is the Danish author Martinus (1890 – 1981) By virtue of a highly developed intuition ability he was able to comprehend and analyze the spiritual world that operates behind the familiar physical world. All physical matter is logical and bound by laws. According to danish writer Martinus there are also laws for thinking, emotions and will. Short Biography: Martinus Thomsen (August 11, 1890 – March 8, 1981) known as Martinus, was a Danish author and mystic, born and raised in Sindal. Lived many years in Copenhagen in Frederiksberg, where Martinus Institute is located today. He wrote among other things ‘The Book of Life’ or ‘The Third Testament’ – a voluminous work, which forms the basis of Martinus’ cosmology. Furthermore Martinus wrote a series of Shorter books and articles and he held numerous lectures.”

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